July 24, 2024 - 08:16

Chinese beauties

XU DE QI <br> Chinese beauties

With the opening of this exhibition, the activity of Spazio Musa continues, investigating the work of Xu De Qi, one of the undisputed masters of New Chinese Pop Art. This, which will open at the Spazio Musa, is the artist's first solo exhibition in Turin, where an anthological itinerary of what is now an indisputable point of reference for young contemporary Chinese art will be presented. Born between the end of the Maoist epic and the birth of the Chinese economic boom of this millennium, he is a sort of leader of that new and critical spirit towards an old and stale way of making art in China still irremediably linked to schemes by now overtaken by time and often anchored in pedisseque reinterpretations of ancient themes infinitely repeated. His work, playful, joyful, colorful and with a clear Pop matrix, lacks, for generational reasons, even those political claims that characterized, even in a commercially cynical way, the works of the previous generation. His optimistic and joyful vision of the new China, now irremediably projected towards an irreversible future, despite the sudden slowdowns of a political class that struggles to adapt to changes, makes Xu De Qi's art bring a fresh and relaxing wind, full of great hopes for a future represented by him in his paintings, by young girls who oscillate between tradition and innovation. His images have now become iconic elements, often used, in China and in the United States, by the press and the media to tell about contemporary China seen through its thin veil of ironic provocation towards ways and methods of life, of the new generations of young people. Chinese. Now known internationally having exhibited everywhere, from the United States to Europe and with prestigious institutional presences from the Venice Biennale to the Center Pompidou, from Coral Spring Museum to the Barbican Center for the Arts in London, he is followed by countless fans on the social media in between. world and its images are used for advertising campaigns of large groups and to decorate shopping malls, large hotels or the walls of restaurant chains located in major US airports. His works are also present in countless Chinese, American and European museums as well as in prestigious international collections. The Xu De Qi exhibition will open to the public on December 16th and will have a special invitation-only evening scheduled for January 2022 and will remain open until February 26th 2022


  • Beauty and the beast
  • Maogritte
  • Maogritte
  • Supermao
  • Beauty and the beast
  • Underglaze Bluegirl
  • Beauty and the beast
  • Fishgirl
  • Acquariumgirl
  • Underglaze Bluegirl


  • Start date: December 16, 2021
  • End date: February 26, 2022
  • Location: Musa Space
  • Country: Italy
  • City: Turin
  • Address: Via della Consolata 11E
  • Hours: Tuesday to Saturday 2.30pm-7.00pm