July 24, 2024 - 08:21

Diffusione Italia International Group Srl

About us

Diffusione Italia International Group Srl, operating since 2011 in the field of exhibitions and events received a great experience in a national and international scale, where our business has been able to develop and maintain collaborations with larger museums and major worldwide cultural institutions.

Diffusione Italia has also spread as objective the promotion of various products (artworks, crafts, food and wine, fashion and accessories), the participation and organization of events such as exhibitions, fairs and showrooms.

Numerous collaborations with institutions and public and private institutions among which the Peggy Guggenheim Collection, the Venice Biennale, the Petit Palais and the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris and other collaborations with european cities and major american museums.

A special interest is given to the PRC through exhibition projects in collaboration with museums and art galleries.
Diffusione Italia International Group Srl spreads support for a cultural exchange program with the University of Art Design Shandong promoting on the international scene a new generation of chinese artists.

Furthermore, Diffusione Italia International Group Srl supports the diffusion of cultural heritage through initiatives contributing to the creation of cultural exchanges between peoples and nations.

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