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CHINA ART NOW!<br< Contemporary Chinese's Art in Turin

All the art of China in Turin. CHINA ART NOW From 7 December to the Panta Rei Space in Turin. The China Art Now exhibition, organized by Panta Rei in collaboration with Diffusione Italia and the gallery Madeinart gallery in Milan, will be inaugurated on 7 December in Turin at the Panta Rei space in via Mercantini 5. The exhibition aims to present a selection of some of the most interesting artists, both from a historical-cultural and collecting point of view. Selected by Vincenzo Sanfo, expert of contemporary Chinese art, to whom we owe the launch and the affirmation of numerous Chinese artists in the world, it is a unique opportunity for the Turinese and for those who will be in Turin, to enter the world of the new international collecting. Among the significant presences, we mention Song Yon Ping, a historical artist who in the 80s, together with Ai WeiWei and Xiao Lu, revolutionized Chinese art, with the historic occupation of the Beijing Fine Arts Museum, which gave the facts of Tiennammen, or Zhang Hongmei among the most interesting artists of the new generation, now well established and already consecrated internationally with a presence at the Center Pompidou and exhibitions all over the world. And then again Xu De Qi, recognized master of the new Chinese pop. "China is dominating the world from an economic point of view, and in China the primacy of China is now almost undisputed. This is evidenced by the recent Oscar awards won by Chinese filmmakers, the Nobel prizes awarded to writers and scientists, the extraordinary presence in the field of music. Even the visual arts world, since the nineties, has discovered Chinese art that for a decade has been slowly taking possession of the art market. In fact, in a few years the Chinese artists have entered, permanently, among the first one hundred artists in the world and there is no museum, internationally, that has not organized or is organizing exhibitions of Chinese artists. - declared Vincenzo Sanfo. "All of this has meant that China is developing a thriving art market, which places it at the top of the business by easily stepping over Europe and the United States. Given this growth perspective, it is almost obvious, for contemporary Chinese artists, to become part of the large collections, both public and private, and to touch and exceed the millionaire prices, in a stable manner. - continued Sanfo - If we think that in Italy, a great master like Lucio Fontana, to reach quotations that are close to one million euros he had to die, and still wait fifty years to see his value recognized, we can understand how the Chinese art runs a race of its own, to which only those who will be prescient and will approach, in a conscious and rational way, will enjoy, in the medium term, the fruits of this great cultural, artistic and collecting opportunity. " The featured artists will be: Ming Liu, Fang Hui, Feng Zhengquan, Wang Lu Yan, Wang Xiaofang, Yin Kun, Wu Dewu, Ma Yuan, Luo Zhi Yi, Zhang Hong Mei, Xu De Qi, Song Yonping, Zheng Yi, Huang Kehua , Fengyun Ma. Openings: From 7/12 to 22/12 11: 00-18: 00 and from 7/01 to 2/02/2019 11: 00-18: 00


  • Xu De Qi
  • Zhang Hong Mei
  • Yin Kun
  • Wu Dewu
  • Feng Zhengquan


  • Start date: December 07, 2018
  • End date: February 02, 2019
  • Location: Art Gallery Panta Rei
  • Country: Italy
  • City: Turin
  • Address: Via Mercantini 5
  • Hours: From 7/12 to 22/12 11: 00-18: 00 and from 7/01 to 2/02/2019 11: 00-18: 00
  • Phone: 0119961233
  • Email: