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Anselmo Bucci
a master of 900
from Paris to the great war

Anselmo Bucci<br>a master of 900 <br>from Paris to the great war

Anselmo Bucci from Fossombrone, a prominent figure in the history of Italian twentieth century art, went to Paris as early as 1906, after an adventurous journey of fortune with Mario Buggelli and Leonardo Dudreville, who will also be his adventure companion in group of the Seven painters of the twentieth century (so baptized by the same Bucci), group conceived and led by Margherita Sarfatti and Lino Pesaro in 1921 with the intention of reforming and bringing back the Italian art to the glories of the past, with clear stylistic references to the great tradition Italian Renaissance Art "imposed" by her who was not only a great art critic and journalist, but also the great ideologist, as well as a lover of Benito Mussolini. In the middle of these two experiences the Great War, fought in the trenches, as a volunteer in the Lombard Battalion of cyclists, together with Marinetti, Sironi, Funi, Boccioni, Sant'Elia, Battaini, Erba and Russolo; all fighting artists destined to tell with their drawings, their paintings and their pen, the most disturbing western affair of the twentieth century. Some will not come back and will always find a place in the memory of those who lived those moments next to them, side by side in the mud, fog and constant danger. Bucci was also a writer, at the limit of the graphomaniac. In 1930 his notes, his stories and his aphorisms earned him the literary prize Viareggio for the anthology "Il pittore Volante".


  • Vincenzo Sanfo, Renata Bianco Sindaco di Barolo>br> e Guido Cribiori
  • Anselmo Bucci
    Contro gli aeroplani
  • Anselmo Bucci
  • Anselmo Bucci
    Allo specchio
  • Anselmo Bucci
  • Anselmo Bucci
    Giuditta e Oloferne
  • Anselmo Bucci
    Dal carnet di disegni


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