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33 rpm art
from Matisse to Basquiat
from dubuffet to beuys

33 rpm art <br> from Matisse to Basquiat <br>from dubuffet to beuys

Arte a 33 Giri (Art at 33 rpm): from Matisse to Basquiat from Dubuffet to Beuys Spazio Musa | Via della Consolata 11 / E Curated by Vincenzo and Giorgia Sanfo. With Alessandra Mammi’, Red Ronnie, Sergio Secondiano Sacchi On view from 15th April to 11th September 2022 Arte a 33 Giri opens on 15th April at Spazio Musa, Turin. A unique exhibition dedicated to vinyl art, featuring works from Matisse to Basquiat, from Dubuffet to Beuys, embracing the entire history of music and modern and contemporary art, with some of its greatest protagonists. From Picasso to Mirò, Warhol, Koons, Hirst, Barcelo, Tapies, Haring, the Italians Clémente, Paladino, Lodola, Pistoletto, Ne-reo Rotelli, D'Angelo, Zorio, together with great photographers such as Araki, Mapplethorpe, Ghirri and prominent illustrators such as Crepax, Manara and many others, the exhibition will offer new perspectives on a world still largely unknown to the general public. Vinyl became one of the most powerful vehicles for popular distribution in the previous century, conspicuously penetrating people's homes and becoming vital for the multiplication of expressions, not only musical, but also aesthetic and communicative taste. The hard, faceless, and stuffy containers of the first records, originally 78 rpm and subsequently 33 and 45 rpm, have seen the emergence of colourful and occasionally disorienting graphic covers throughout the years. An upheaval that has been attributed to Andy Warhol, who broke into the world of discography in 1967 with a memorable sleeve designed for Velvet Underground, dramatically transforming the container idea and, most likely unknowingly, establishing the trend of Art Covers. Before him, and long before the renowned rock covers, the world of jazz, and to a lesser extent classical music, had turned to artists to inspire them to create masterful sleeves. The exhibition, Arte a 33 giri, organised by Spazio Musa, AICS and Diffusione Italia International Group transports the public into the world of vinyl covers, which from the 1940s to today has revolutionised contemporary graphics and music promotion. In addition to about 150 legendary artist covers, the exhibition also features sculptures, paintings, drawings, graphics and documents that take us to the heart of creative projects that have stimulated artists to create true masterpieces, such as the modular cover designed for the Talking Heads album "Speaking in Tongues" by Robert Rauschenberg. The formal solutions of a container, which has a well-defined dimension and a specific use, have compelled artists to create images that have occasionally provoked true revolutions in the art world and beyond, while employing their distinctive style. As in the case of Andy Warhol, who understood the great communicative power of serial reproducibility of a work through his music covers, which will all be displayed in this exhibition, starting from his first timid attempts in the 1940s and mediated by Ben Shahn, up to his last cover, created for MTV some months before his death. The exhibition, which begins with works by Toulouse-Lautrec, a forerunner of artists dedicated to musical illustrations, speaks to the research of some of the greatest protagonists of art in an exemplary and exhaustive manner, and features works by Dal, Saville, Vasarely, Ai Wei Wei, Gilbert & George, Magritte, and Schnabel in a path that begins in the 1930s and ends in the present day, crossing styles and movements. Also noteworthy in the exhibition are the important collaborations between artists and performers, such as the one between Lady Gaga and Jeff Koons or between Rolling Stone and Andy Warhol or between Bruce Springsteen and Annie Leibovitz. There is also the narrative of encounters such as the ones between Mario Schifano and Andy Warhol, and artists such as Ugo Nespolo, Enzo Cucchi and Joseph Beuys who have used vinyl to disseminate their reflections. The exhibition's cover collection is a nucleus of works and artists among the most important in the history of the 20th and 21st centuries, worthy of the world's greatest museums, with works not only telling about the figurative aspect, but also about the creative side of an inspiration that comes from the world of music, with all its stimuli, extravagances, and exaggerations. Texts by Alessandra Mammì, Sergio Secondiano Sacchi and Red Ronnie walk visitors through the exhibition, offering an illuminating interpretation of the display and helping visitors to understand and appreciate the amazing world of Artist Covers. The exhibition is organised in collaboration with Trenitalia, Novacoop, Confesercenti Torino , Associazione Commercianti Quadrilatero Torino, Torino Outlet Village List of exhibiting artists Josef Albers | Pierre Alechinsky | Nobuyoshi Araki | Eduardo Arroyo | Frank Auerbach | John Baldessarri | Banksy | Miguel Barcelò | Matthew Barney | Georg Baselitz| Jean-Michel Basquiat | Joseph Beuys | Peter Blake | David Byrne | Dinos Chapman | Sandro Chia | Francesco Clemente | George Condo | Guido Crepax | John Currin | Salvatore Dalí | Ferruccio D’Angelo | Wim Delvoye | Jim Dine | Jiří Georg Dokoupil| Jean Dubuffet | Marlene Dumas | Futura 2000 |Federico Garíca Lorca | Luigi Ghirri | Gilbert&George | Andreas Gursky | Richard Hamilton | Keith Haring | Damien Hirst | Anish Kaoopr | Franz Kline | Jannis Kounellis| Yayoi Kusama| Annie Leibovitz |Sol LeWitt | Roy Lichtenstein |Marco Lodola |René Magritte | Milo Manara | Robert Mapplethorpe | Henry Matisse | Manolo Millares | Joan Miró | Takashi Murakami | Ugo Nespolo | Yōko Ono| Mimmo Paladino | Andrea Pazienza | Michelangelo Pistoletto |Hugo Pratt |Marc Quinn | Rammellzee | Robert Rauschenberg | Mimmo Rotella | Marco Nereo Rotelli | Jenny Saville | Mario Schifano | Julian Schnabel | Ben Shahn | Kiki Smith | Sergio Staino | Hiroshi Sugimoto | Antoni Tàpies | Victor Vasarely | Andy Warhol | Ai Wei Wei | Gilberto Zorio The venue Spazio Musa, situated in via della Consolata, in what is known as the Quadrilatero Romano right opposite Basilica della Consolata is a new cultural space for the city of Turin. A sort of time capsule, which, thanks to clever restoration works, has brought to light parts of the ancient remains dating back to the late Roman era, through the Middle Ages and the 18th century. Not only is a visit to Spazio Musa a chance to view a unique exhibition, but it is also a dive into the architecture and secret underground passages of a city like Turin, which unassumingly conceals its beauty and its very subterranean galleries. A visit to Spazio Musa is a rediscovery of Turin’s hidden treasures that deserve to be discovered.
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  • Start date: April 14, 2022
  • End date: September 11, 2022
  • Location: Spazio Musa
  • Country: Italy
  • City: Turin
  • Address: Via della Consolata 11E
  • Hours: from Tuesday to Friday and Sunday 10: 30-20: 00
    Saturday 11: 00-21: 00
    closed on Easter day
  • Email: spaziomusa.welcome@gmail.com