June 14, 2024 - 23:17

56a Biennale di Venezia Republic of San Marino Pavillion "Friend ship project- China"

56a Biennale di Venezia  
Republic of San Marino Pavillion

The project, in fact, plans to host within its pavilion artists from China, specially selected by the curator, who will dialogue with artists from San Marino. To compose the overall picture were called artists from the most diverse trends will range from the colourful installations of Li Lei to the refined and metaphysical compositions of Ma Yuan. These experiences have much in common with the revisitation, Ludico-Pop, of the great Chinese economic expansion of Xu De Qi, coupled with the personal reading, informal abstract, of the art of Zhang Hong Mei. The sculpture will be represented by Liu Ruo Wang who with his animals evokes the restlessness and disorientation of our contemporary world while. San Marino is represented by artists able to astonish and simultaneously to arouse reflection. Eleonora Mazza highlights the place that is perhaps least known but most important of the intercultural dialogue, carved into the belly of Mount Titano, symbol of space that is created within us to accommodate others. Giovanni Giulianelli combines his own graphic skills with Eastern culture. He chooses the landscape that unfolds in a disordered manner, metaphor of personal evolution and of man on Earth. Giancarlo Frisoni paints with the colours of nature, mixing earth and dust with material designs. Tony Margiotta works on diversities that make up the human universe with various ethnicities, cultures, religions and concepts. Elisa Mamidi plays on the contrast between familiarity and foreignness, proposing an installation video that narrates an everyday situation. Finally, Valentina Pazzini, well known sculptor associated with Carrara and its marble, offers contemporaneity, opposing violence with the hope of art. http://www.friendshiproject.com


  • Giancarlo Frisoni
  • Valentina Pazzini
  • Li Lei
  • Giovanni Giulianelli
  • Liu Ruo Wang
  • Zhang Hongmei
  • Eleonora Mazza
  • Tony Margiotta
  • Elisa Monaldi
  • Xu De Qi
  • Ma Yuan


  • Start date: May 06, 2015
  • End date: November 22, 2015
  • Location: Telecom Future Centre Ateneo Veneto Palazzo Rota Ivancich
  • Country: Italy
  • City: Venice
  • Address: Campo San Fantin